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2018 Club Sponcered Contest

For 2018 Gulf South is currently running two (2) riding contests for our members.
  Please review the contest descriptions and rules below.

  Registration forms and additional information are located in the links below

Ride Louisiana Challenge

We are offering all club members the opportunity to experience the beauty of our home state by visiting every parish seat of government on their European brand motorcycle.

With 64 parishes listed that will be 64 diverse and interesting destinations to point your motorcycle to over a
12 month period. That will allow ample time to plan and execute safe and interesting rides with visits not only to the parish seats but also to other attractions both enroute and at the destination. Entrants will be allowed to register as solo or two up with recognition issued according to the finish results.

Rules and requirements:

  1. Registration using the attached form is $5 per rider and $5 per passenger
  2. Documented visits to all parish seats on your motorcycle
  3. Distinct numbered towel
  4. Each parish seat visited must be documented with a photo (digital or printed) to include:
a. The registered motorcycle
b. The numbered towel(s)

i.  Riders and passengers will be issued a towel
ii. Lost towels will require a $5 replacement towel
c. Photos must be taken at the parish seat courthouse, post office or police headquarters with clear city name identification visible and the date must be posted on the parish listing provided by the club

  1. Upon completion of the requirements a certificate will be issued to the participants in recognition of their accomplishment
  2. Each group of five (5) participants (excluding passengers) to complete the Ride Louisiana Challenge" will be entered in a drawing to win a $100 gift certificate at BMW Motorcycles of Baton Rouge
  3. The “Ride Louisiana Challenge” will be coordinated in all aspects by two clubmembers appointed by the President on a calendar year basis.

Registration Form                Parish Listing

Annual Mileage Contest

This contest is an annual contest ending at the 2018 December club meeting.
Open to all Gulf South members.

Award Categories are as follows:
  • Retired Rider Traveling
This category is for the long distance riders in our club.

  • Retired Non-Traveling Rider
If you are retired and just use your bike/s for day-trips and the around town.

  • Employed Full-time Rider
If you still punch the clock (daily) this is where you belong.

If you would like to take part, open the link, fill in the fields and submit.

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